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Give maintenance to transformer test equipment

When it comes to the purpose of transformer testing then it is helpful to improve the level of transformer maintenance with the help of transformer test equipment. If you are looking to check your normal operation of your power transformer then you have to use this equipment.

Transformer test equipments are consisting of specialized test systems or modules which are used to monitor the mechanical or electrical parameters of transformers. As everyone knows transformers are providing reliable service for long time. But in case you do not maintain regularly then it will destroy your transformer. This kind of test equipments are designed to maintain the transformer and there are common types of transformer equipments are there like loss management equipment, megohmeters, turns ratio testing and applied potential testing.

Basically the power transformer testing works is done on through maintenance processing and transformer work. This kind of transformer test equipment is not only testing and checking the transformer after maintenance but it is helpful for every step of maintenance such as:
1. Turn ratio testing
2. Steel core assembling
3. Insulating assembling
4. Winding resistance testing

There are several common types of transformer test equipments are available such as insulation resistance, turns ratio testing and applied potential testing. But potential testing is the permanent and portable models. Mostly permanent potential testing equipments are called as AC dielectric test systems. This kind of test equipments are designed to perform the testing on below things such as
1. Cables
2. Arrestors
3. Brushings
4. Capacitor
5. Fuses
6. Switchgear
7. Other kind of dielectric applications

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