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How to take oil sample for transformer oil breakdown voltage test?

1. Outdoor sampling, suitable for sunny days with low humidity, to prevent snow, rain and other impurities from infiltrating the oil sample.

2. Sample in any oil-filled container. Transformer oil should be allowed to stand still for more than 8 hours before sampling. Samples can be taken on the running equipment without passing the rest time.

3, sampling in electrical equipment, should be carried out in the lower part of the device at the discharge valve, with a clean and non-hair fine cloth around the oil valve wipe, and then release the oil 1-2kg, used to rinse Grease the oil gallery, put a little more oil, wash the sampling container twice, and finally release the required amount of oil into the bottle and plug the bottle.

4. If sampling in the oil drum, use a glass tube with a diameter of about 2cm that is washed and dried. Before sampling, shake the oil drum to make the oil mix well. Then open the lid, insert the glass tube into the oil drum, press the top of the glass tube with your thumb, put up the glass tube, and inject the oil into the bottle. Repeat this way several times until you get enough oil to avoid using the mouth suction tube.

5. JY6611 oil breakdown voltage control technology can reduce the breakdown discharge energy to a minimum, avoiding the pollution of the oil sample during the test, making the test result more stable and accurate.