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Precautions for transformer oil breakdown voltage test

1. Before using JY6611 transformer oil breakdown voltage tesr, the tester shell should be reliably grounded.

2. Check the distance between the electrodes. Rinse the electrode surface with a qualified transformer oil.

3. When collecting transformer oil and oil samples, wipe the sampling valve and slowly open it. First flush the test cup 2-3 times and then take the oil sample.

4. When placing or removing the oil cup, it should be done under the condition of power off.

5, transformer oil needs to be static in the cup 5 ~ 10min, to eliminate air bubbles.

4. The speed of step-up of oil tester should not be too fast, about 3000V/s is appropriate. The number of tests is 3 to 5 times. Each pressurization interval is 2 to 3 minutes. The voltage must be reduced to zero before the voltage is turned off.

5. JY6611 transformer oil breakdown voltage tester uses an electronic inverter sine wave generator, the output power is stable and efficient, which is conducive to the stable and accurate test results

JY6611 Oil Breakdown Voltage Tester

Using microprocessors automatically completes the boosting, maintaining, stirring, static, calculating, printing and other operations, and can carry out the oil cycle withstand test within the range of 0 to 80kV & 100KV.