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The importance of testing the ratio of transformer by turn ratio tester

With the development of the power industry, the quality requirements of power products are also constantly improving. In particular, the quality requirements for transformers are also the most stringent. The transformer's transformation ratio is an important part of the transformer's parameters. Measuring the transformer's transformation ratio is the measurement transformer, also called the turns ratio test. The transformer transformation ratio is the voltage ratio between the primary winding and the second winding of the transformer.

Measuring the transformer's transformation ratio is a test that must be carried out after transformer handover and overhaul. It is to check whether the number of turns of the transformer per winding meets the design requirements. When the substation is put into use, the transformer is an important device to ensure the voltage of the substation and the voltage of the feed-out. When it is specific to the transformer, it is the transformer's transformation ratio. It can be verified by test whether the voltage conversion of the transformer is verified. Correctly, it is also possible to check whether the turns ratio of each coil is consistent with the design, whether the tapping leads are connected correctly, and whether the transformer turns are short-circuited, etc. Whether the transformer can be put into operation or not depends on the test result.

This paper mainly tests the transformation ratio of resin-insulated dry-type rectifier transformer by transformer ratio automatic tester, and judges whether the transformer transformation ratio is qualified by the test result.

The transformer's transformation ratio is usually a fractional value or a decimal. Therefore, it is generally rounded off to take an integer as the transformer's transformation ratio. However, there is a slight deviation between this transformation ratio and the turns ratio, so this error should be controlled within the allowable range. Therefore, before the transformer is put into use, the transformer transformation ratio should be tested.

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