Transformer Winding Resistance Tester

DC Winding Resistance Tester ---Kingrun Instrument

DC Winding Resistance Test

KRI9310 adopt Kelvin four-wire testing method, it can measur...

Handheld Winding Resistance Tester JYR10S (10A)

Handheld Winding Resistanc

1.Test range 0-100KΩ. 2.Built-in lithium battery. 3.automa...

JYR-10C/05C DC Winding Resistance Tester(10A)

JYR-10C/05C DC Winding Res

Suitable for all power and distribution transformer below 13...

JYR40S/50S Three-phase Winding Resistance Tester

JYR40S/50S Three-phase Win

Adopting the third generation constant current source techno...

JYR20S/10S Winding Resistance Tester

JYR20S/10S Winding Resista

1. Automatic magnetic assist. 2. Three channels simultaneou...

JYR-20W Transformer Heat Run tester

JYR-20W Transformer Heat R

1. Suitable for all transformers below 35KV voltage heat run...

JYR-50B/40B/20B Winding resistance tester

JYR-50B/40B/20B Winding re

JYR50B series tester use third generation constant-current p...

JYR-50C/40C/20C Winding Resistance Tester

JYR-50C/40C/20C Winding Re

1. With single chip microcomputer control. 2. Automatic sel...

JYR-40D/20D Heat Run Tester

JYR-40D/20D Heat Run Teste

1. Suitable for power transformers winding resistance testin...

JY44 DC Bridge Winding Resistance Tester

JY44 DC Bridge Winding Res

1. Wide range of measurement with 0~20 kΩ. 2. Max. output c...

JYR-80100 Winding resistance tester

JYR-80100 Winding resistan

1. Adapt to the temperature rise and winding resistance test...

JYR-50A/40A/20A Winding resistance tester

JYR-50A/40A/20A Winding re

1. With complete circuit protection. 2. Vertical box struct...

JYR10B/05B Winding resistance tester

JYR10B/05B Winding resista

JYR10B/05B is suitable for all transformer winding resistanc...

JY44 Winding resistance bridge tester

JY44 Winding resistance br

1. Wide range of measurement with 0~20kΩ 2. Max. output cur...

Transformer winding resistance tester is designed specifically to measure DC resistance values of transformer windings, rotating machine windings or any DC resistance of an inductive device. They are required for winding resistance measurements in transformers that are of fundamental importance for various purposes like:

· Calculations of essential components of conductor losses

· For Calculation of winding temperature at the end of testing cycle or procedure

· Used as diagnostic tools for assessing possible damage in the field


There are various added features associated with the amazing testers as different models come with different features like demagnetization function to reduce residual magnetizablilty of transformer to avoid switch on difficulty. They use constant current power supply to expand working life of tester and charging option up to 30V to make faster charge speed. They are capable enough to download test data with flash disk and with protect function for anti-breakage arcing from transformer and protection function for miss-connection AC380V Voltage.


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So, what you are waiting for, feel free to contact us and get the best quality winding resistance tester online in bulk as per your requirement.